Who We Are

Mohamed Naser Al-Hajery & Sons Ltd. is a Leading Consumer Services Company in Kuwait. In the year 1946, MNH opened one of the first pharmacy in Kuwait and was called the Kuwaiti Drug store.

From being a small drug store, MNH has made rapid strides in the direction of development and now conquers a large portion of the Kuwaiti market and has a huge consumer base.

MNH has expanded and diversified into the fields of Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacies, FMCG (Food and Non-Food), Food and Beverages (Cafes and Restaurants) as well as Perfumes and Cosmetics. With more than a hundred brands being a part of the MNH umbrella, Al-Hajery is very well renowned and is a pioneer in the market.

MNH boasts a rich history and heritage, but at the same time, strives to innovate and adapt to the changing trends and requirements of the consumers. With a diverse and multicultural group of employees, MNH has an extremely dynamic and lively organisational culture. With the subtle amalgamation of employees, technology and infrastructure, MNH has come up with the perfect combination for customer satisfaction. The company plans to further expand and reach a wider audience with newer franchises in the near future.

Our mission

To drive passion, integrity, excellence and customer service in every part of our business processes to ensure we build long term, real relationships with our external and internal customers culminating in real brand equity for all our stakeholders.

Our Vision

To provide the market with the highest quality products and services, resulting in a high degree of customer satisfaction while ensuring the optimum safeguard and evolvement of our partner brands.





Team Work