Mohamed Naser Al-Hajery & Sons Ltd. founded in 1946 with a single ‘Kuwaiti Drug Store’ has now grown into one of the largest consumer services group in the state of Kuwait.


We take immense pride in our rich and prestigious history as it has helped us lay down a foundation for an illustrious future and helps us grow each day. The company has now become a household name and is engraved on the heart of Kuwait. Progressing and growing from a single drug store to the position that we now find ourselves in is a true testament to what we are capable of achieving as a team. Our mission and vision motivates us to attain all of our desired objectives nonchalantly.


We are a progressive unit and strive to achieve more without any room for complacency. As it is MNH’s strategic choice to represent and partner up with only the best, our brands are carefully hand-picked and selected in a manner wherein these brands are positively oriented to the dynamic and multi-cultural Kuwaiti market in each and every operation that we do in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health Care, Medical Equipment, Perfumes and Cosmetics, FMCG (Consumer and Food),  & Cafes and Restaurants.




The group's portfolio includes many of the top global brands in the industry as a result of our thorough and intensive selection process which has led us to choosing brands such as 3M, Abbott, Boss, Clarins, Del Monte, Dilmah, Dunhill, Escada, Ferring, Futuro, GSK, Gucci, illy, Inverness, Krups, Lacoste,  Lakme, Nivea, Novolac, Novartis, Ferring, Libero, P&G, PZ Cussons, Pelikan, Ricola, Robinson’s, Rowa Wagner, Rowenta, Tefal, Tiffany & Co., Takeda, Unipath and many more.

Through our distinctive brand selection, we are able to cover a wide array of the market demands and needs and can cater to the various preferences of the consumers of Kuwait.


We are a customer-centric company and we place their expectations as the utmost priority and take immense pride in serving them, the suppliers and community.


We firmly believe that the customer is the heartbeat of our company and the most suitable outcome for us would be the satisfaction of each and every customer. We accept positive criticism and feedback and work really hard in ensuring that all the needs that arise are met in the most appropriate and customer-friendly manner. We also focus on the holistic development of the community and contribute through various Corporate Social Responsibility Programs as we stand by the thought of being one with the community. Efforts are taken to see to it that the internal as well as the external environment of the company are functioning smoothly and happily and without any hindrance.

Our proud and rich past acts as the fuel that powers us towards aspiring for and achieving a prosperous and a promising future by growing and learning and nurturing our relationships with the brands and the customers. And in order to achieve all of the desired objectives, we ensure that our employees are highly-skilled professionals that are adept at their jobs and are trained to tackle each and every obstacle in their way. We truly believe our workforce and talent to be our greatest competitive advantage. Consequently, we continue maintaining the highest standards of organisational performance through training, developing. rewarding and retaining talents and using them judiciously.


The scale of growth of a company can be measured by a comparative analysis with the infrastructure that a company possesses. To maintain a competitive edge, we continuously set challenging targets for our organisation and invest in technological advancements in order to create the most modern and efficient operating systems and infrastructure. In our 65 years of functionality, we have built long-standing relationships with many of our international suppliers and local customers, which have enabled us to develop major market positions in our principal product categories.

We would love to grow as an empire and stretch our legacy in the direction of a fruitful and flourishing future. Together we grow.