Among Al-Hajery’s core business activities, sales and distribution of high quality food and non-food consumer goods play an important role.

The FMCG division provides suppliers with comprehensive sales and marketing strategies, tailor made to suit each brand's requirements that deliver superior and successful results. We also aim at increasing brand recognition and awareness, maintaining and retaining the brand identity, while at the same time, adapting to the culture of the Kuwaiti market. Increasing Brand Value is one of our targets.

We at MNH focus our attention and efforts towards stepping in the shoes of each customer and providing the best possible customer experience based on our customer-centric module. Our aim is to simplify food and shower the customers with a wide range of choices for every food category to cater to each and every need. We also plan to reach a wider consumer base and increase the members of one, big MNH happy family.


The FMCG is split into the Food and Non-Food divisions.

The food is split into two departments and the non-food is split into three departments. Each department is headed by a Brand Manager and a Sales Manager along with his dedicated sales team. Each department is independent and seeks to cater to all customer segments of Kuwait’s diverse and multi-ethnic population. Each department has highly trained and experienced staff, ensuring exceptional product and market knowledge, forming one of the most efficient and effective sales force in the country. Our team stands out with its ability to coordinate seamlessly across the various platforms involved. They work tirelessly to ensure that MNH stands out from its competitors. Customer feedback is taken very seriously as the company does not entertain complacency.

Positive feedback and happy customers is a priority. We place immense trust in our team's ability to deliver. We associate with many brands across various product categories to ensure that we are able to deliver and cover a wide range of requirements and needs without all the hassle and trouble. We want to be the one-stop solution to all your requirements with concerns to food, the most essential commodity of existence. We are ambitious, and would stop at nothing to ensure that the customers have no complaints. The FMCG, in collaboration with its suppliers builds brands, develops and implements programs to create, stimulate and maintain brand image, product market shares and sales.

  • Food
  • non-food
  • Consumer Healthcare

MNH has a diverse range of brands covering a diverse range of food products. Each brand that MNH is associated with was strategically selected as the products under these brands are quality products that every consumer would want in their household.

The Food brands that MNH is associated with are ConAgra Foods, Hunts, Wesson Oil, ACTII, PAM, Peter Pan, RIO mare, Hazella, Haagen Dazs, Novolac, Candarel, Indomie, Del Monte, Dilmah, Illy, Indofood, Mitica, Monarch, Simonelli, Lotus and many more.

We try our best to associate with trust worthy brands which inturn results into providing a great experience and service to the consumers. Each brand is unique and different and has something different to offer to the consumers.

Come taste the flavours that MNH has to offer.

MNH has associated with many popular international brands and has helped them launch in the Kuwaiti market. These brands offer quality products, and as a consumer, that is the priority.

The Non-Food brands under MNH are 3M, Scotch Brite, Nexcare, Futuro, Personna, Nivea, Hansaplast, Labello, Tippys, Lakme, Imperial Leather, Libero, Tena, Tempo, Zewa, Nana, Bic, Deep Heat, Deep Freeze, Deep Relief, Leukofix, Leukopor, Leukoplast, Leukosilk, Active, FINO and Voltaren.

We aim to fulfil all the basic needs of the diverse consumer base and to maximise happy customers.


 The Consumer Healthcare and Electronics Department takes into consideration the growing awareness and society's need for healthy and comfort living and thereby, providing them with various innovative and high quality healthcare and home appliances.



An additional portfolio of this Division that caters to the basic needs of a household is the Electronics Division that houses small appliances from notable brands such as:

Tefal: Tefal is a renowned French small appliance manufacturer owned by Groupe SEB. The categories included under this brand are Linen care, Food Preparation, Electric Cooking, Beverage and Personal care. They have been the veterans to launch the one spoon oil of fryer which is the Actifry and this product has in fact been a favourite among the people and redefined the style of cooking.
Illy: Illy is an Italian coffee roasting company that specializes in the production of espresso and espresso machines. Starting with the modern espresso machine, the Illetta, invented in 1933, Illy has a full line of innovative machines beautifully, designed down to the smallest detail.Each machine undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the exacting quality standards to produce high quality coffee.



Nowadays, personal health management is the Key to a well-balanced life and personal well-being. Awareness among people has increased and people are more conscious now than ever before to monitor their Blood pressure or to check their Blood glucose levels or to check their Body fat percentages. The major brands that we carry in the healthcare sector are:

Omron: Omron Healthcare is a leader in medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy. Our range of products includes Blood Pressure Monitors, Electronic Fever thermometers, Respiratory therapy devices, Step counters and professional medical devices.


Abbott Freestyle: Abbott Diabetes Care is devoted to developing innovative products that produce accurate data to better serve the needs of people living with diabetes through advanced technology and research. The Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Machines from Abbott is a new innovative product that uses no-coding strips and uses the lowest blood sample thereby making it an ideal diagnostic product for diabetic patients.


Tefal, Illy and Omron

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