LifeCare Solutions Department update
06 December 2021

MNH's LifeCare Solutions Division had a couple of overseas events the past weeks.

Involved in The 41st Congress of the Société Internationale d'Urologie - SIU conference and exhibition in Dubai from 10-14 November 2021. We had the experience of having our customers represent Kuwait with technologies they use from MNH exclusively and show their clinical skills. Also, we finally met some of our suppliers and principals after a long time because of travel restrictions , this was the first time that we had an opportunity to meet them since February 2020. We discussed the past year achievements and the upcoming business we have in Kuwait. Mr Mohammed Al Hajery GM-Healthcare was also present during the last day of the event and was praised for having MNH a strategic partner in the region for their products discussing further steps into OEM and manufacturing potentials. In addition to opportunities to meet new potential suppliers and experiencing first hand their products . 

The following week we have experienced the MEDICA conference and exhibition in Düsseldorf Germany from From 15 to 18 November 2021, the world’s leading information and communication platforms for the medical technology industry and its supplier sector. MNH HealthCare department was part of 46,000 visitors from 150 countries seizing the opportunity to engage in person with the 3,033 MEDICA and 490 COMPAMED exhibitors in Düsseldorf, we met also with other principals and pre set meetings for new suppliers and principals having new products to be introduced into the Middle East market to discuss innovative medical products and current trends in the field of medical technology especially AI driven technology and robotics, MNH had a meeting table set for two days also in the UK Pavillon where all the companies Interested in doing business in kuwait and exploring the market booked appointments with MNH .

On the local level, the Dialysis unit in Lifecare Solutions conducted training and orienting the Dialysis staff in Farwaniya Hospital on the use and benefits of our machines from Fresenius Medical Care, this is part of LCS continuous education and training programs that are conducted regularly in the hospitals.

The Surgical and OR Solutions unit also had a busy week 21-25 November we conducted a workshop in Al Salam Hospital together with surgeons from LYX on of the most advanced hospitals in Madrid – Spain, LYX is considered world wide the center of excellence for many complicated surgeries and we had the pleasure working with them in Kuwait. MNH team was the only team in Kuwait authorized to do the surgeries with LYX . Later we had a great time with the surgeons from Spain and Kuwait after long hours of surgery experiencing the delicious cuisines in Solia .