Hosting the UK Ambassadors
29 November 2021

MNH has had the privilege of hosting the UK Ambassador to Kuwait as well as the following delegations including the Minister of Foreign trade in Mr Mohammed Naser Al Hajery Residence, on Thursday 28th October evening.
British embassy delegation details:
H.E Mr Ranil Jayawardena - Minister for International Trade
Belinda Lewis – Her Majesty's Ambassador to the State of Kuwait
Anthony Glavin – Prosperity Officer
Siraj Hatim - Senior Trade Adviser
Alan Menezes - Senior Trade Adviser
Private Secretary - H.E Mr Ranil Jayawardena
The aim for the visit was to discuss the different pathways of cooperation between Al Hajery company and UK business as well as explore the potentials of investments in the UK under the umbrella of MNH into different sectors of the UK market including the Healthcare, in addition to the visit of a well-known Kuwaiti family and experiencing authentic Kuwaiti atmosphere.
We had from our side the MNH delegates:
Mr Mohammed Al Hajery – GM HealthCare
Dr Ahmed Salem – Director LifeCare Solutions
Dr Hisham Khair – Director Pharmaceuticals
Dr Yousef Al Harby – Government Relations Supervisor
Mr Bilal Ghattas – GSK Country Manager
Mr Jude Alden – Pharmaceuticals Operation Manager
Mr Ahmed Salem had taken the lead in organizing the visit as soon as they had concluded the signing of an agreement with a multimillion pound UK company for the manufacturing of Surgical Robots called CMR under the LifeCare Solutions division. The British delegates only had time to visit two families in Kuwait and Al Hajery was one of them.
They have discussed as above business opportunities with the UK Ambassador in different fields and with the Minister of International trade and the potential that they are looking forward to in the HealthCare sector for automations, robotics and Lab. Diagnostics.
Mr Mohammed also highlighted some interesting historical points on Kuwait culture over dinner that captured their attention and the delegation are looking forward to making further visits to Kuwait.