In 1946, the late Mohamed Nasser Al-Hajery and his cousin Ibrahim Yakoub Al-Hajery established the Kuwait Drug Store in the Souk Al-Dakhli in Kuwait City, the then most popular market place in Kuwait. The emphasis on pharmaceuticals showed a concern for the national good that has characterized the company ever since. In 1950’s, the firm expanded into the promising consumer sector.

The Kuwait Drug Store was renamed Mohamed Nasser Al-Hajery and Sons in 1970’s, reflecting the breadth of its product lines and its commitment to modernization, being one of the first companies to computerize its system. The firm was just as energetic in its marketing practices, aggressively searching out for the most prestigious clients worldwide and guaranteeing them maximum exposure in the Kuwait market.

The 80’s was a relatively slow period for growth in Kuwait economy, but the company continued to grow, bringing in consultants to rationalize the diverse lines of business into four separate divisions.
Over the 60 years, despite the vast changes it has seen, the company remained unwavering in its commitment. From the very humble small shop to a modern corporation, the firm has always endeavored to bring the very best in the world to the Kuwait market.

Al-Hajery, a progressive family-owned business, combines the traditional values of personal trust and responsibility with the best practices of today’s professional management. Many of our 600 employees have been trained with the high standards and proven business methods. The end result is a commitment to delivering genuine benefits and superior quality that is deeply engraved in Al-Hajery’s core infrastructure.