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Pharmaceutical products represent historically the core business of MNH and continue to be one of our key product categories.
At MNH we are particularly proud of our contribution in the Kuwaiti market, over the last 65 years, with many of our international suppliers without losing a single one due to non performing reason.  We also salute our local customers, who stood with us all these years and enabled us to develop our market position.
Due to our modern and progressive ownership, Pharma division is rapidly growing gaining around 13% market share .
Besides GSK, MNH represents very well-known Pharmaceutical Agencies, i.e. Novartis Consumer Health SA, Ferring Pharma, Leo Pharma, Hikma Pharma, Jamjoom Pharma, Fresinus Group, Meda Pharma, Liptis Pharma, Takeda Pharma, Aspen to name a few.

MNH has a dynamic and committed registration & regulatory affairs staff delivering outstanding results.
Additionally, MNH owns and operates 16 Retail Pharmacies with plans to expand this number every year. We work hard to have the best locations to serve our customers and support our suppliers share in the market.
We support health care of Kuwait by participating in local exhibitions, conferences, seminars to strengthen our relation with health care authorities (MNH was golden sponsor of the first GCC Food & Drug conference in April 2008) and 3th Kuwait international pharmacy conference Feb 2011. 
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