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MNH opened Kuwait’s first retail pharmacy and still operates 14 pharmacies across the country

MNH was founded in 1946 by Mohamed Naser Al-Hajery and his cousin Ibrahim Yacoub Al-Hajery, under the name of “The Kuwaiti Drug Store”.

The Kuwaiti Drug Store was the first company to introduce the lifesaving drug “Penicillin” to the Kuwait market.
The Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies Division is historically the heart of MNH, and will continue to grow as it introduces and handles new products in Kuwait. Our growth has been steady and strong, and the reputation we have earned promises future success. Some of the most prestigious firms in the world come to MNH to introduce their products in Kuwait.
MNH’s core competence and passion is Pharmaceutical from where we started our business venture. It is worth noting that the company’s chairman is a Pharmacist
In the 1970’s, the Kuwait Drug Store was renamed Mohamed Naser Al-Hajery & Sons Co. (MNH), reflecting the breadth of its product lines and its commitment to modernization. .

In order to expand retail business, MNH started its own Pharmacies, which are known as the best and most comprehensive outlets in the country. We work hard to have the best locations to support our suppliers’ share in the market. .

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